What's Checked During a Home Inspection

D&S Brown offer some of the most comprehensive home inspection services available. In short, we look at everything in the building, from the physical structure, foundation, roof and crawl space to the various systems that are relied on to bring water, electricity, heating and cooling to the house.

We check for structural damage, water damage from leaks or water seepage under the home, leaks and structural problems with the roof, and the condition of windows, siding, and walls.

While we're at it we check for termite or carpenter ant infestations, mold, mildew and other issues that can damage wood in the structure. We check for signs of animal and pest infestation.

We look under the house, on top of the house, and in every nook and cranny we can get into. We know where to look because we've built houses and are well familiar with the kind of problems that can occur in a home.

In short, we inspect a house as if it was our own. We take great pride in the completeness of our inspections and in giving you an honest assessment of the condition of your new (or present) home.