D&S Brown - The Father / Daughter Home Inspection Team

The Importance of a Thorough Home Inspection

Whether you are buying a home or selling your house, getting a complete and accurate inspection report is extremely important. As a buyer, knowing the condition of a residential property allows you to ensure that problems are corrected prior to closing. As a home-seller, finding out if there are any issues that could come up on a buyer's report allows you fix any problems and get the best possible price for your house.

Choosing the Best Home Inspector

By far, the most important qualities to look for in a home inspector are experience, completeness and honesty. With D&S Brown you get all three. Duane Brown has over 25 years' experience as a home builder, foreman, and superintendent. Both he and Shelley know exactly what to look for and which problems are most serious. Two inspectors mean a more thorough inspection. With D&S Brown you get two experienced, professional inspectors for the price of one! We pride ourselves on delivering very complete, accurate, and honest reports.  

  • Affordable home inspections
  • Two home inspectors for the price of one!
  • Clear, professional inspection reports
  • 25 years' home building experience
  • Licensed, members of NACREI


How We Inspect Your Home

Duane and Shelley will inspect all areas of your home: the physical structure, the roof, the foundation, the crawl space or basement, the plumbing, the electrical, heating and air conditioning system - the whole house. We make sure that there is no water damage, pest infestation, mold or mildew damage, cracks or leaks, structural problems, or neglected maintenance. By having two inspectors we often find things that other real estate inspectors miss.

An Easy-to-Understand Inspection Report

It's important that the information in your report can be used by the home buyer or seller. We deliver reports that are both detailed and clear, so you know exactly where you stand. Our reports is complete with many photos and comprehensive descriptions of any problems discovered.

Have Your Home Inspected by the Father / Daughter Team!

We take great pride in offering the best home inspection service in the Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada area. We are licensed by the State of Nevada Real Estate Division and are members of NACREI. Please contact us for a quote, to schedule an inspection, or with any questions you might have. We'd love to hear from you.

For further information or to book an inspection call Shelley at (775) 771-3873 or Duane at (775)722-4798 or email us at DSBrownInspections@sbcglobal.net

D&S Brown Home Inspections mission is to provide an accurate, thorough, and complete home inspection and to explain our findings in the simplest terms possible. Our goal is to help the client have peace of mind when purchasing, selling or simply having a routine home inspection.